Just in case if you are done playing your ex favorite game and are looking for something new and engrossing, then you should stop here and read this article. Here we have got all the information related to the Gacha Life game. It is not like other games that are trafficked on the internet. It is made to warm up the creative nerves of yours and allow you to spread those soulful ideas that you are creating in your design book. Its time to get a little geekier.

With Gacha Life, you can pick up the animated characters and redesign them with new looks that could be entirely up to your imagination. You will be provided with an array of attires to choose from. There are numerous options for shirts, trousers, dresses, tops, skirts, shoes and ornaments that you can choose from. You can give a desirable and suitable hairstyle to add that extra oomph in character. You have a range of hair colors and hair cuts to choose from.

It is designed by Lunime and offers absolutely no cost to download and install it. The game rolled out on the Android and IOS devices back in October 2018. As of now, the game is only accessible on the Android and IOS operating systems. Currently, it’s not available for Windows.

The features of the Gacha Life make it distinctive and stand out from the crowd. You will come across a bunch of elements in the game, ready to be operated at your fingertips. You are your own boss in this game. The designs are yours, the story is yours, and the storyline is yours too. 

The skit creating option helps you to pick up the backgrounds from the list and toss them together to bring out the bountiful environment in which your character suits the best. With this, you can start from scratch and make a small skit with your witted and gifted skills that you miss using. So, what are you waiting for? Just download and install the game to be the master of your imagination.

Currently, the game is rolling on Android and iOS smartphones and is not available for PCs directly. But don’t worry, we know that you enjoy a wider screen. We have rescued you here too. Now you can download them on laptops and computers also. Get a striking experience of playing the game confidently with your keyboard and mouse to level up your game and skills. The best part about the game is that it is also accessible without an internet connection. However, without the internet, you will not be able to meet with the new people or chat with them. But, you will still be able to customize your character and roam around several places. Isn’t it relishing?

How To Run Gacha Life on PC

Enjoy the limitless joy of playing this thrilling game on PC as well as a mobile phone. With the help of our methods, you will be able to play the game on your PC with ease in no time. You will be able to play the game on both Windows and Mac without paying a single penny. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

Since it is not directly allowed to download this game on PC, so you have to go through some indirect ways:

  • From the official website, you have to download Bluestacks.
  • Install Bluestacks on your Windows or MAC PC.
  • Open Bluestacks, and you will find a search button.
  • In the search box, you have to type ”Gacha Life” and click on “Install.” Your game is ready to install
  • It’s done..!!

Often good things are easy to access, and this commendable game is from that same sack of good things. It s not at all a challenging job to download this on PC…Right? Once done, you can enter a studio and select the background of your choice. While playing this game, you can make new friends and even chat with your buddies. After successful installation, you can ignite your creative blinkers and start with the styling part. We know that you have hidden stylish inside you that was dying to come and display its flair. So, just roll up your sleeves and get going champ. The Gacha Life game is waiting for you and your styles.

The minimum system requirements of Gacha Life:

  • Recommended Disk Space- 200 MB
  • Recommended Ram- 1 GB
  • It is recommended to install Adobe Air on your PC.
  • Recommended system – Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows, 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. (62 Bit)

So as said, it is a fun gaming app that can make you gaga over it because of its goodness and richness of variety. You can select from many pants, shirts, dresses, bags, shoes, and even funky hairstyles. You can choose the length, style, and color of the hair that suits your animated friend the most. Well, it’s not wrong to say that it has offered you to run a virtual styling and beauty salon without even spending half a penny. By running it on your laptops or computers, you can stay away from the annoying notifications that ring up every few minutes while you are playing it on mobile.  With this, you can drain down those notifications and cherish your leisure time at its best.

The features of Gacha Life

The features of any game are its soul, so they should better be of top-notch quality. This game and its features won’t let you disappoint. It is a promising platform that will help you to dive into the amusement by offering multiple anime characters that can be dressed up in the way that pleases you the most. It has distinctive and creative features that make it shine bright in the crowd of the gaming world.

You can pick up from the collection of clothes and hairstyles that beautifies your character and matches your imagination. Pick out the best ornaments and align them with the attires to pull out the grace and embark the elegance.

Here we have got you a detailed list of features that you can enjoy in this game:

Style up your character

In this section, you have to choose the character and customize it as per your wish. You can change its appearance completely. In the game, you have a long line-up of clothes that you can choose and make your character look as pretty as a picture and that too in just a few minutes. Align the most elegant neckpieces and pieces of jewelry with that winsome dress, creating a deadly combination.

Studio Mode

Now that you have finished working on the clothing and style of your character begin with creating your scenes in the studio. This mode allows you to enter a studio and choose the background of your choice. This will be the scenic base of your story that you will create using the skit creator tool that is available in the game. You can bring together various scenes and backgrounds to pace out the best atmosphere for the character to stroll in. Enter a custom text for your character and make a perfect scenario by choosing from dozens of backgrounds and poses.

Life Mode

Now your customized character is all set to explore the virtual world that you created for it. It can roam around in the town, school, shops, candy corners, coffee shops, hospitals and so much more. Meet with the new people, start talking to them via chat and know come to more about their lives.

Connect With Others

While wandering in the virtual town, you and your anime friend will come across many people who could be strangers or friends. So, it’s an excellent platform to make new friends and engage with them in conversation. You can know more and more about the skills that can help you polish your methods.

Additional features:

The battle mode: If you win a battle, then you can earn extra points that will increase the value of your character.

The pet mode: A pet will accompany your character, and you can style the pet too. There are dozens of pets that you can choose.