A gamepad is a joystick for the Xbox game console. The x360ce gamepad emulator is an application thanks to which you can play Xbox games with any joystick on your computer. Below will also be a video on how to configure a gamepad. 

It is impossible to connect the gamepad from the console to the computer, but there are many others connected to the system unit, and for anyone to perceive the game as an original console controller, this is what the utility needs – the x360ce gamepad emulator. 

Now, on the Internet, there are many different types of gamepad emulators. Many because there is no single gamepad emulator that adapts to all gaming cases. Below, I will focus on one of the most universal emulators. In addition, on https://lisanilssonart.com, you can download the x360ce joystick emulator.

X360ce Gamepad Emulator

The full name of this emulator on the Internet can be found under the name Xbox 360 Controller Emulator . You can download the x360ce from the link below. You can download the gamepad emulator at the bottom of the page.  The file contains five versions of the emulator. Try any one, however, it is better to start configuring the gamepad with the latest version. 

Setting up the application is not difficult, although there are subtleties, but in general terms it is. Unzip the installation file x360ce.exe to an empty folder and run the gamepad emulator. When configuring, the program will ask you to create the files x360ce.ini and xinput1_3.dll – we agree. The x360ce will then search for your gamepad settings (it must be connected to the system unit and an Internet connection is required). Choose in settings Automatically search for settings   and more to follow.

The emulator program itself will configure your gamepad and then click Finish to apply the settings received. Save by clicking Save all gamepad settings and close the program. As a result of everything, the x360ce.ini and xinput1_3.dll files that appeared in the folder with the x360ce emulator are copied to the folder with the game installed, exactly where the .exe file that starts the game is located. The main configuration of the gamepad is complete. 

Xpadder for Windows 10 is a program that offers the ability to use the gamepad in any game, even those where this device is not provided. Thanks to this utility, keystrokes and mouse movements are performed using the game’s joystick. 

The program not only allows you to play games where you need a keyboard, but it also manages other applications and programs. Xpadder converts user actions so that the system recognizes clicks on the joystick, such as clicks on a keyboard or mouse. First, we analyze the software in more detail and then show you how to download it.

In addition to converting the input, the utility can also change the type of joystick for any other model. All that is needed is to upload the image of the desired device downloaded from the official website for the program. Thanks to this, the user will be able to transform their model into Dandy, Xbox or even PlayStation.

The software provides the following features:

  • play any game, including online, using a gamepad;
  • use the device as a remote control for program management;
  • create profiles for different devices;
  • adjust the level of vibration and response;
  • emulate when working with DOS programs;
  • support for Windows game controllers.

Pros and cons

Before installing the application, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of the emulator in more detail.

  • Russian language interface;
  • wide range of controller models;
  • low system requirements;
  • compatibility with 32 and 64 bit systems;
  • perfect compatibility with all types of gamepads;
  • small amount of occupied memory;
  • compatible with rugs, rudders, electronic drums and guitars.
  • when starting the program not on behalf of the administrator, difficulties may arise in saving the settings and the subsequent operation.

How to use

After downloading the archived file, it must be unzipped and executed. Also, just follow the installation wizard’s instructions. First of all, you need to choose the location of the program and select the “Associate” function. This will allow you to create an individual icon for each of the profiles.

In the window that opens, you will need to click on the “Open” button and select a joystick that is as similar as possible to the user’s device. In addition, the program will offer to enable and disable the relevant elements of the joystick “cross”, “handles”, “triggers” and “buttons”.

In the next window, you need to program combinations for each button. For an experienced player, this will not be difficult. It is necessary to define the corresponding combination on the keyboard for each joystick button. When everything is ready, you need to click on the “accept” button. To ensure that the settings are relevant, the program will offer to test the gamepad’s performance.


After verifying that the software is installed and the system recognizes the joystick, you can proceed to configure it. To do this, open the Start menu, select the “Control Panel” section.

We are interested in the joypad – we click on the icon twice. Here we will see here a menu in which we will need to assign the buttons and axes of operation of the device.


We click next to the name of a specific key in the game control and, manually, on the keyboard, we perform the action that the game must perform in the game.

When you’re done, save your changes. You can create multiple sets of key-values.

For example, you bought a joystick for FIFA 2012 and Mortal Kombat. In order not to manually reassign the buttons each time, you can simply change the finished set, confirming the changes.

It is a sin to hide, many of us like to play computer games. Often, in different games, it becomes necessary to use a joystick, which, unfortunately, is generally not available and you need to work with the keyboard. Or it is, but there is a fear of the need to configure it. What, then, to do, give up the desire to play? But no, you just need to configure the joystick in Windows 7 on your computer! The appearance of a joystick will look like a common 32-bit prefix, that is, it will provide cross navigation, 4 buttons at the end, 4 front buttons and 2 in the center.

Joystick configuration

Just configure the joystick once, after which everything will be clear and the questions will no longer arise. All of this is done in a very simple way.   Therefore, each joystick has a USB cable that needs to be connected to the computer.   After that, the system recognizes the device or you will need to download the necessary drivers.

We found the icon with our joystick, right-click, select “Parameters”, select the joystick again and click “Calibrate”.

We go further, and we see “Axis calibration”, we press. After that, press the joystick on the cross, waiting until the cross, which is in the photo, moves to the center. Then “Next” and finally “Finish”.

Now you need to check the operability of the device. Go to the tab that says “Check” and click alternately on the joystick buttons. If all work normally, several icons with numbers will light up everywhere and a cross will be moving. If everything works, congratulations, now you can start a complete game.

By the way, don’t forget to enter the game settings, in particular the control settings, and select the corresponding item “Control with a joystick” (there will also be an opportunity to choose a keyboard as an alternative).

As you can see, installing a joystick on a computer is no longer simple. It only takes a few minutes, but playing will be much better than using the keyboard. And not only more pleasant, but also a more convenient and practical order of magnitude. And to play was generally good, so don’t forget it correctly.

Many players who play on the computer have joysticks. However, the disadvantage of a significant part of video games is that they are not designed to be controlled with a joystick. The way out is to download the xPadder utility – a mouse and keyboard emulator using a gamepad at:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Before version 5.3, the program was free, but its latest version 5.7 requires negligible deductions from the author for an excellent job and operates on Windows of any capacity: 64-bit and 32-bit.